FC Barcelona - Bayern Munich Tickets (Champions League)

1 May 2013 | 20:45

There are a few must-see matches every year in the Champions League, and there is no other way of calling an FC Barcelona vs Bayern Munchen game anything but a must-see. Two of the greatest sides in European football will meet in Camp Nou, and you can be right there to watch them live. Do not hesitate to buy FC barcelona vs Bayern Munich tickets.

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The printed price on the ticket is the value of the ticket according to the club/event organizer.
  • CAT3 Level 5: 99€
  • CAT3 Level 4: 138€
  • CAT2: 127€ to 167€
  • CAT1: 214€ to 252€
  • CAT1 Premium:  294€ to 349€
  • VIP SIlver: 850€
  • VIP SIlver Longside: 1200€
  • VIP Box: 1300€


In compliance with UEFA rules, citizens from the visiting team's country cannot buy tickets for this match, with the exception of VIP tickets, which are neutral. We won´t be responsible for the measures taken by the home club with the away fans.
Camp Nou
Camp Nou

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